Ithiel Falls Camp Pointing hearts toward Jesus, since 1899

Come to Camp –> Now!

The first week of camp is past — and it’s been GREAT!  Still LOTS of time left.  If you’ve been thinking of stopping in for an evening service or three — well… time to just GET IT DONE!

God is good, and He’s been doing great things at Ithiel Falls Camp this year (because He’s like that!)  Come be a part of it!

Still not convinced?  After the evening service, you can enjoy a mighty-tasty-hamburger or other treat from the snack bar, whilst chatting with all the good folks around doing the same.  And did I mention the music?!  It’s really good… here’s a playlist of many of the songs that make up our worship time:

IthielFalls ’14 Playlist

So… come to camp!