Ithiel Falls Camp Pointing hearts toward Jesus, since 1899

Getting ready! Oh yes!

Our 2022 Camp Meeting is just ahead… can you feel it! That sense of anticipation… around this time of year, it becomes palpable. Soon, we’ll be together. Soon, we’ll partake in what God has for us… this year… at Ithiel Falls.

And, yes, you can dip your toe in… or your whole foot, even… NOW! Why wait?!

Because… this Camp Meeting thing, it’s something we do together… and that starts now, with prayer, with dollars, and with many hands lifting, carrying, sweeping, painting, plumbing, mowing, stubbing (toes), hammering (nails and thumbs), washing, wiring, cooking, and whatever else is needed.

This is how Camp happens. Every year. By God’s grace and provision, through the hands and feet of any and all.

If you can, please come to one or more of the Camp Work days (dates below). It is always good to be together! … and there’s all kinds of things to do.

Work Day Details

Each work day lasts from roughly 8:30am through 12:30pm. We assemble at the dining hall where lists of things-to-do are available. Typically there is coffee and donuts to get things rolling, and often we enjoy a bite of lunch before we call it a day. Hope to see you there!

Work Day dates for 2022 (all Saturdays):

  • May 7
  • May 21
  • June 4
  • June 18
  • July 9
  • July 16

Also, after Camp Meeting there will be one or more close-up days (dates TBA).

Thank you!