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Boy’s Dorm Addition Taking Shape

Major progress!

You’ve been hearing about it — the beloved Boys Dorm building has needed some attention… more bunk space and more/better bathroom facilities. We had a slow start last year and then by Camp time this year we had a platform for the new addition completed. Well guess what!?! As of our September 23rd close-up Work Day, there has been major progress — there is now a full shell… walls and roof!

The pictures tell it all! (more to come…) Click to enlarge.

How is this happening?

This work is being done through the hard-work of several skilled Camp community members who are graciously donating their time, sweat and tears, AND is made possible because prayerful donations from people like you. Building materials are expensive, and Ithiel Falls Camp runs on a tight donation dependent budget.

Projects like this are important to make way for the next chapter in Kingdom-building work at Ithiel Falls. Please prayerfully consider you how you can be a part of this work!